2015 Schedule Announcement

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Our schedule in 2015 is going to be nice and simple:
* June 7th: Double event @ Waldorf
* July 25th Double event @ Waldorf
* October 11th Double event @ Waldorf

We will add registration links when they are available.

Shane Chinnon and Brian Karwan won the Pro Shootouts at Autocrossers, Incorporated’s “double” event on Sunday at Regency Furniture Stadium in Waldorf, Md.

Shane won the morning session and Brian won in the afternoon, and each took home $150 for their wins thanks to contingency from PG Tools and FASTSIGNS of Waldorf.

In the Pro Shootout format, competitors take their normal four competition runs and are scored on their best overall PAX time.  The top five in PAX qualify for a one-run shootout where each of
them select their own dial-in, and whoever comes closest to their dial-in wins $150.

In the morning session, Mike Kline qualified first overall — and also had the fastest time and fastest PAX time in the morning — in his 2008 CRG Showtime K Modified shifter kart. But Shane,
who qualified third driving James Dunham’s STR Mazda MX-5, came out on top in the shootout. He ran a 45.832, which was just 0.032 off his dial in to hold off Mike by about three tenths of a

Final results for the morning shootout (driver, class/car, difference from dial-in):

1. Shane Chinnon, STR Mazda MX-5, 0.082
2. Mike Kline, KM CRG Showtime, 0.112
3. Brian Karwan, STR Honda S2000, 0.150
4. James Dunham, STR Mazda MX-5, 0.209
5. Tom Bleh, DSP BMW 325is, 0.584

The story in the afternoon session looked to be about Brian Garfield. Brian, driving Kevin Henry’s DSP E30 BMW, didn’t participate in the morning Pro Shootout but decided to drive in the
afternoon Pro class the last minute. His 41.9 put him in the top qualifying spot and first overall in PAX. But like in the morning, the driver who qualified third ended up winning the
shootout. This time it was Brian Karwan in his Karcepts STR Honda S2000, and he did it in much tighter competition than in the morning. Three of the five qualifiers ended up less than a tenth
off their dial in, but Brian took the win with a time just 39 thousands off his dial in.

Final results for the afternoon shootout (driver, class/car, difference from dial in):

1. Brian Karwan, STR Honda S2000, 0.039
2. Tom Bleh, DSP BMW E36 325, 0.081
3. Shane Chinnon, STR Mazda MX-5, 0.083
4. Andy Thomas, GS Toyota Celica, 0.111
5. Brian Garfield, DSP BMW E30 325, 0.484

The next event for Autocrossers, Inc., is Aug. 23., at Regency Furniture Stadium in Waldorf, Md. Online registration will be at dlbracing.com.

About the contingency sponsors: PG Tools is an authorized Matco Tools distributor owned and operated by Pat Griffith.  FASTSIGNS of Waldorf is a FASTSIGNS franchise owned by Eric Kriemelmeyer.

The results link is under “2014 AI Events” –> Thanks to everyone who came out!

Danny Kao won the inaugural Autocrossers, Inc., Pro Challenge sponsored by PG Tools and FASTSIGNS of Waldorf at A.I.’s first event of the season held today at Regency Furniture Stadium in Waldorf.

Danny piloted his new Street Touring Xtreme Scion FR-S to the win the class and pocket $150 in contingency.

The new Pro class had six competitors attempt the challenge. The format for the class is simple — all competitors get their usual four runs, and the top five in PAX move on to a one-run shootout. Those five drivers then declare a dial-in — similar to bracket racing at the drag strip — and whoever gets closest to the dial-in wins. Competitors are allowed to “break out” — go faster than their dial in — during the shootout and not get penalized. However, cone penalties are counted as DNFs.

Danny qualified third in regular competition and chose a dial-in of 46.999. He tripped the lights with a 47.074 on his one shootout run, just 0.075 off his dial-in! Doug Keiler finished second — running a 46.974 to his dial-in of 46.500 — in his D Street Prepared BMW 323.

The rest of the finishers were: Josh Luster, third, Scion FR-S; Andy Thomas, fourth, Toyota Celica GT; Peter Florance, fifth, BMW 323; and Learic Cramer, sixth, Porsche GT3.

A.I.’s next event is April 13 at Regency Furniture Stadium in Waldorf, and registration will be opening soon. Entry into the Pro class is an extra $10, and competitors must display contingency decals or magnetics (for sale at the event site for those who don’t have them already). Any competitor who is NOT an A.I. member is allowed to enter, and all SCCA Solo classes are eligible.

Points will be tallied for the Pro class at each event like A.I.’s normal classing structure, which means competitors are eligible for a year-end class championship. PG Tools and FASTSIGNS of Waldorf will each award $250 gift certificates for store credit to the overall Pro class winner for the year.

President, Autocrossers, Inc.
PG Tools LLC — authorized Matco Tools distributor

Registration for AI #1 is open!

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See the “AI Events” section on the right of the website –>

If you aren’t sure what class to sign up as, just take your best guess and double check at registration. Someone will be able to help you out.

2014 is a bit of a transition year in terms of SCCA classing, so we will all be learning together!

Results for 10-19 posted!

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Thanks for coming out to AI’s final event of 2013!

The results links are posted on the right under “AI Events” –>

Here is a direct link: http://www.autocrossersinc.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/2013_10_19_full.html

We will see you again in 2014!

Results for 10-13 posted!

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Thanks for coming out and braving the weather!

The results links are posted on the right under “AI Events” –>

Here are direct links:
Morning: http://www.autocrossersinc.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/2013_10_13_am_full.html
Afternoon: http://www.autocrossersinc.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/2013_10_13_pm_full.html

One event left before AI calls it a season – sign up now for October 19th!

Results for 7-14 posted!

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Results for the July 14th Autocrossers Inc event at Waldorf are now posted. They can be found on the “AI Events” subsection on the right –>

Here’s a direct link:

Thanks for coming out. Our next event won’t be until October. Meanwhile, please enjoy the WDCR-SCCA events at Fedex!

The results links are posted on the right under “AI Events” –>

Here are direct links:
Morning: http://www.autocrossersinc.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/2013_06_29_pm_full.html
Afternoon: http://www.autocrossersinc.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/2013_06_29_pm_full.html

Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the doubleheader.

Registration for July 14th is open at dlbracing.com!

Autocrossers Inc. is having a double event this Saturday June 29th at the
Maryland Blue Crabs stadium in Waldorf Maryland. Registration is currently
still open at www.dlbracing.com. Since this is a double event you will have 4
runs in the morning and 4 runs in the afternoon. There will be a 90 minute break for
lunch where you can go sample some of the local fare. There are great
restaurants nearby including everyone’s favorite Chick-fil-A. During the lunch
break our Specialist AI course designers will reverse/make changes to the
morning course so that way the afternoon provides a new challenge. These events
are always a blast. On the plus side DC has an event on Sunday so you get TWO
days of Autocross. That is a better bang for your buck than the “Toilet Duck”.
I hope to see you all on Saturday.

Adam George
VP Autocrossers Inc.
Resident ESP hillbilly

The results for today’s event can be found here:


Thanks for fighting the cold and wind today! We hope to see you again at our June event 🙂