Congratulations 2011 AI Class Winners!

October 29th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

For 2011, our season class champions were:

CS: Les Banyas
DS: Steve Mitchell
ES: John Nicolaysen
GS: Mark Liller
HS: Roger Lee
ASP: Jim Harris
CSP: James Dunham
ST: Alejandro Aviles
STS: Yaroslav Burmaka
STR: Christopher Lin
STX: Arthur Shuman
STU: Iman Capers
XP: Aron Parsons
CM: Frank Weichold
SM: Steve Mayclin
SSM: Timothy Walker
SMF: John Ehnes
F125: James Nemman
FJA: Lena Weichold
FSAE: Danny Kao

Congratulations to all our champions!

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